Wednesday, 18 February 2015

SA Junior Closed announced

We have just received the following news via email from Warren Ahjum, the interim Secretary of the Chess SA Youth Commission:

"We are proud to confirm, herewith, the selection of players from your region to participate in the South African Junior Closed Chess Championships 2015 (SAJCCC 2015). The SAJCCC 2015 will be hosted in Tshwane, at the Waterkloof High School, from the 3rd to the 11th of April 2015. 
Kindly take note that it is the responsibility of the Region to inform each player of his/her selection and their subsequent registration for the Championship. Registration should be done online at

Attached please find the
 list of players from your region who qualified for the Championship and the SAJCCC 2015 circularcontaining important information about the event.

We would like to congratulate the Region on the selection of the players and wish them a successful tournament. For any information regarding the SAJCCC 2015 please do not hesitate to contact the Local Organising Committee."

Please contact Kevin Chetty in the event of any errors, omissions or queries.
PS. here is an amended list of KZN players as at 23rd February.