Sunday, 20 July 2014

Mandela 67 minutes chess day 2

Congratulations to Joseph Mwale on taking the first place trophy on tiebreak, ahead of IM Rodwell Makoto. Here are the Mandela 67 mins chess final results.

The following diagram is from a round 6 game that I found fascinating. It was between Craig Atkinson and Nadean Gopaulsingh, with Black to move. What would you play here?

Nadean correctly played 1... Rxe6! based on the pin 2.dxe6 Bxb7 winning for Black. Craig had seemingly overlooked this, as he took a couple of minutes to come up with 2. c4! cutting off the Bishop from the a8 square. The game then ended 2... Re8 3. a6 Ra8? 4. a7 Ke7 5. Rxc7+ Kd8 6. Rxh7 Kc8 7. Ke3 and White won. Watching the game I thought that 3... c6 worked, because of 4.a7 cxd5 5.Rb8 dxc4 etc, but I had also overlooked something. The all-seeing computer tells me that 3... Bd3 is best and results in an equal position. The position looks so simple, but is full of tricks - so what does White play after 3... c6 to escape? Answers on Monday.