Monday, 22 December 2014

Chess Teachers Workshops

Erick Takawira reports: It was a great learning opportunity for Educators in Harding, Durban and surrounding areas. KZNCA with the continued support of LDM organized three teachers workshops. Training was conducted for 60 teachers who will be assisting in the process of starting new clubs in their schools. The topics included Basic skills, chess benefits, creating visual aids, lesson plans and curriculum, chess classroom management. There were lots of group activities ... Tower building competition, creating visuals and hands-on activities and a whole lot more fun activities.

The day ended on a high with every teacher taking a chess set for their school and with the conviction to go back and create Chess clubs. Come January, the Umlazi District Chess League will roll into action! A big thank you to LDM and Kales Chetty for the 54 chess sets, 10 demonstration boards, Teachers Manuals and Certificates.


The Facilitators Erick Takawira and Cyril Danisa
Proudly Harding Educators “showing off” the chess sets donated by LDM
Charity begins at home… 
Lesson plans at their very best…
Creating Visuals !!
A moment of Introspection!
Building towers……
….. exam in progress!
“Let’s use a book for elevation”
and the winning tower is …. This TOWER!!
Knight dance 1..2.. step take left/right!
Connecting the dots to Math, ladders and Chalk!!!

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