Sunday, 21 September 2014

World Youth - first day impressions

Round 1 got under way a few minutes late but nobody seemed to mind too much after the rousing dancing exhibition. I was present as an arbiter for the under 14 boys division, with boards 11 to 18 being my responsibility. Boards 1 to 10 were played on DGT boards in a separate section of the hall, so I didn't see much of those games. The top seed was rated 2434 and the ratings of the 11th to 18th seeds ranged from 2312 to 2215 on my boards.

Table 11: Burri (France) versus van der Lingen (South Africa)
I watched the board 11 game with great interest. On move 14 Burri sacrificed a Bishop for a strong attack. It seemed to be an intuitive sacrifice, as he played his next 2 moves quickly before starting to think on his 17th move. My computer says both players missed some chances in what followed. Here is the game with light notes: